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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need therapy?

Everyone experiences difficult times in their lives. Therapy is a place where you can sit and speak with an unbiased clinician at Discovering Bliss about the issues that you are dealing with at the time. In therapy, we can discuss anything that plagues or weighs on your heart and work to find a solution to your issues. 

What is the process of therapy?

When in therapy, or prior to your session via telephone in a complimentary 10 minute consultation, we will discuss more in-depth information about the therapeutic process. In regard to the process, therapy is a process that any one person can engage in. When in therapy we can discuss whatever you would like to talk about and is important to handling your issues and concerns. At certain points of therapy you can also bring in guests and other visitors who you think are important to help solve your immediate concerns. Overall, the therapeutic process is very friendly and collaborative in nature.

How much does therapy cost?

Therapy at Discovering Bliss Counseling is very cost-effective and affordable. We seek to provide therapy at an affordable rate that will best fit the financial and therapeutic needs of each client. Because we care about providing affordable therapy we do provide a sliding scale fee for clients. Give us a call and we can discuss your financial concerns and therapeutic needs.

How long does therapy take?

The length of therapy depends of your growth process and therapeutic needs. Some clients have found success in therapy after a few sessions and others need more time. During your consultation we can discuss more about your needs for therapy. In regard to a session length, sessions are typically 50 minutes.

Do you travel for therapy?

Yes, we can travel. Take a look at Concierge Services under the Other Services Provided tab, nestled under the Services tab. In addition, There will be an additional fee charged for any traveling cost if your session is conducted outside of a 20mile radius of Discovering Bliss Counseling office space. Please call (469) 608-0028 and we can discuss what options are best for you.